Awesome Kong will receive a beautiful gift from IMPACT Wrestling

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Awesome Kong will receive a beautiful gift from IMPACT Wrestling
Awesome Kong will receive a beautiful gift from IMPACT Wrestling

The American pro-wrestling company, the former TNA, now officially for some years now simply IMPACT Wrestling, has a history behind it now quite long, with the number three federation of the United States, which once tried to give a thread to twist the WWE, even in a fairly obvious way.

Until decades before AEW came into existence, the former TNA was one of the most followed companies in the world, with the likes of Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, AJ Styles, Austin Aries and many others, who were born to as for their in-ring career, right on the Carter family square.

During the history of the former TNA, many other legends of the pro-wrestling world have also been seen in the rings of the company that was once of the Carter family, such as Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Sting, Mick Foley, Booker T, Hulk Hogan and many others.

Furthermore, for some years now, IMPACT has also wanted to set up its Hall of Fame, in which already very important names such as Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and several others have been included. During the last recorded tapings of IMPACT and therefore all this turns out to be a real spoiler, the name of the next introduced in the Hall of Fame of the American company, which is also an old acquaintance of the WWE rings, albeit for a very short period.

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Awesome Kong revealed that she and Triple H spoke about a potential title run for her in WWE. With an announcement arrived in one of the next episodes that will air in the coming weeks of IMPACT Wrestling, the management of the company wanted to communicate to all fans that the next name introduced in the Ark of Glory of the company, will be that of Awesome Kong, the athlete who for a very short period also fought in the rings of the McMahon family, with the name of Kharma.

Awesome Kong will enter the Hall of Fame

The announcement was made exactly in the recordings of the special show dedicated to women, called "Knockouts Knockdown". The athlete will also dedicate his introductory speech to the late Daffney, a colleague who recently took his own life, after months spent in terrible personal suffering.

After announcing his definitive retirement from the pro-wrestling rings, in the last ppv of the NWA, Awesome Kong thus receives one of the greatest honors of his career, having won practically everything on the former TNA square and having undertaken an excellent career also as an actress in American TV series and films.