MLW re-founded the women's division

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MLW re-founded the women's division

We already told you that MLW was hard at work rebuilding its women's division after joining Dave Prazak's company. Well, now we finally have some names that will make it up starting October 2nd at MLW Fightland: The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo), Brittany Blake, Holidead, Zoey Skye, Willow Nightingale, Nicole Savoy.

These were the words of the promoter after the announcement of his collaboration with Major League Wrestling: "It's that variety of styles and the right mix of different elements that makes me most excited to join the Major League Wrestling team.

I loved how MLW has provided its audiences with a roster of incredible talent from around the world, and I'm looking forward to making my contribution to the company in the future. Having focused a lot on promoting women's wrestling over the years, I appreciate the chance to help some very deserving SHIMMER athletes receive opportunities to grow into the MLW ranks.

Adding more women to MLW events in the future will only add to the wonderful variety already present as part of the MLW product."

MLW re-founded the women's division

On tonight's MLW Fusion, IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday is set to defend his championship against Gino Medina.

Holliday, part of Team Dynasty, once recruited Medina to be part of his stable. The relationship went sour, and tonight on MLW, the two will square off in what will be a fantastic match (because Richard Holliday is in it)!

Prazak is known in the world of wrestling for many things, such as having been manager of CM Punk, but certainly even more so for having founded the all-female promotion SHIMMER, in 2005. SHIMMER has offered many opportunities to women in wrestling in the past, as it continues to do even now, creating or training many of the talents that today we can admire on TV weekly.

Among the many, we find: Asuka, Becky Lynch, Ruby Soho, Kimber Lee and so on. And she also had Duffney among the commentators, who unfortunately passed away recently. Certainly, with women's wrestling booming, we are confident that Prazak can do a good job with these women and give them a good opportunity to show off in the ring.

Since MLW's The Restart, Gino Medina is actually undefeated in MLW. Does that draw concern to you at all? "Good for Gino. Great. Undefeated, listen, that's fantastic. I'm glad that you built up this undefeated record because when you step into the ring with me, guess what, Gino, there's your one, there's your one loss.

I don't know how many wins you have, two? Three? I have no idea. I'm not keeping track. Like I told you, once I fired your ass, I left you in the dust. I don't keep tabs on you. I keep tabs on me."