Rob Van Dam Announced for United We Stand

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Rob Van Dam Announced for United We Stand

Back in the day, the WWE and WCW were competing against each other and battled furiously during the Monday Night Wars. These two wrestling promotions produced some high quality entertainment those days. They had fantastic wrestlers working for them and were extremely good creatively.

The feuds of that time are still remembered to this day! Many fans want the Attitude Era to return and bring professional wrestling back to its former glory. Some of the characters that the promotions produced at that time are now legends.

Some of them are still performing today in the WWE and the independent circuit. Rob Van Dam is one of those wrestlers. He is not working for the WWE right now, but he had runs with the company and is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

He was there during the invasion angle and even competed at the Winner Takes All Survivor Series match, after which WCW was completely finished. Impact Wrestling has managed to secure his services and he will appear at the United We Stand main event.

He will team up with Sabu to take on the Lucha Brothers. We can expect to see some high flying action from both teams as they both use high risk moves. Rob Van Dam may not appear at the WWE for a long time now, so his fans will be delighted to see him in action with another promotion at least.