The IIconics are returning with IMPACT Wrestling

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The IIconics are returning with IMPACT Wrestling

A few days ago we announced the great return of the former IIconics in the ring, in fact, the Australian duo will appear at Bound For Glory on October 23 to immediately go against the Decay, the current Knockouts duo champions, precisely for the titles.

According to Fightful colleagues, who spoke to multiple sources within IMPACT, Jessica and Cassie received a great offer from the company and generally had other options. The final touches of the deal have been a well-kept secret within IMPACT.

In fact, some time ago it was already reported, always by Fightful this: “We have been told that the IIconics have received interest from IMPACT Wrestling recently, but for now it does not seem that a deal is being made.

However, we have heard that they are interested in a new wrestling program scheduled for the fall." The IIconics are returning with IMPACT Wrestling. The company announced that the former WWE stars will make their debuts at Bound For Glory.

The IIconics will make their debuts at Bound For Glory

Once again, Fightful, a very knowledgeable site, learned: "Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, formerly of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, have signed with Hurrdat Media, a company that does a lot of sports podcasts and Hollywood Raw.

The first season of his podcast last week with 20 episodes, and we are told that the second season will begin recording on October 28, with a new set and equipment." So also with regard to their careers in the world of podcasts, the two are expanding and updating, with the possibility of moving in total freedom since the WWE does not allow its athletes to do these things or in any case sets stakes, as we have already seen in the past with Zelina Vega for example.

We are happy to see that they are recovering from the blow of the McMahon family's dismissal and we will see if on October 23 at the next IMPACT pay-per-view they will be able to conquer the couple belts as they did at Wrestlemania 35 by driving their own crazy ones.

fans. Sure, this titled opportunity comes out of nowhere, but it could be a good way to introduce them to their new "home" The IIconics made their television debut in NXT in 2016 and, within two years, became a regular sight on the main roster.

The IIconics debuted on SmackDown in 2018 assisting Carmella in cashing in the Money in the Bank and winning the SmackDown Women's Championship. There was no doubt that the IIconics were a natural tag team, and their efforts were rewarded soon.

Despite losing at the Elimination Chamber, the Australian duo got their coveted WrestleMania moment as they defeated three other tag teams to lift the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35.