The Ilconics on changing their name to IInspiration at Impact

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The Ilconics on changing their name to IInspiration at Impact
The Ilconics on changing their name to IInspiration at Impact

Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee, also known as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce in WWE, recently spoke to Busted Open Radio to promote Impact Wrestling's ppv, Bound for Glory, scheduled for this weekend. Better known as The IIconics in WWE, McKay and Lee changed their team name to "The IInspiration" in Impact.

On the name change, Lee revealed: “We had a couple of other ideas, but we just didn't like it and we weren't sure if it was really right for us. Jess and I are very inspired by the pop culture and teen drama films we love.

And one of the ones we like is Bring It On. There is a scene where they are called Inspiration Leaders. And I was like, 'Um, okay, I think it might work.' "

The declarations of the IInspiration

On the natural evolution caused by their name change: "I think it's the perfect evolution because The IIconics was somehow seen as a comedic tag team.

There's nothing wrong with that, we enjoyed doing it. But we never really got to show both sides of our competitiveness and comedy. But I feel The IInspiration is taking us to another level. We have full creative control from our outfits, our hair and makeup, to our professional entrance music.

We have a music video coming out. We did all of this from scratch for The IInspiration. And I'm so excited for people to see what we've come up with." About how it feels to be on the Impact roster, she said, "We feel good and at home here at Impact.

Cass and I, talked about it a lot, where the possibilities were where we could end. And we chose Impact where there is an amazing tag team division to perform. This is what we wanted to do. When we made the decision to join Impact, it felt right.

After WWE, having that, 'Okay, I'm feeling really good" feeling was very important to us. We are super excited to join the locker room.' "

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