Kurt Angle Speaks About Bobby Roode Not Winning the TNA Title

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Kurt Angle Speaks About Bobby Roode Not Winning the TNA Title

Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer and he spoke about fighting Bobby Roode in TNA. Kurt Angle believes that Bobby Roode will win the WWE Title one day. Kurt met Bobby in the ring at the 2006 Bound of Glory PPV when he was working at TNA.

It was Bobby’s first title shot and many people believe that Bobby Roode will win the TNA title that night. It was Kurt Angle that came out victorious. Kurt Angle revealed the reason why he wanted to drop the title to Bobby Roode that night and believes that it was a wrong decision on TNA’s part not to allow him to drop the title to Roode.

Kurt Angle Reveals that He Wished to Drop the TNA Title to Bobby Roode in 2006

“I was expected to drop the title to Bobby,” Angle said. “They were doing all these vignettes with Bobby and his family, how hard of a worker he was, what a great family man he was, and it was all set up to drop the title to him.

And I don’t know what happened, it wasn’t me. I’m going to be the first one to admit, I did not ask to keep the title. As a matter of fact, I was severely injured. I had a torn hamstring, not a pulled hamstring, but torn.

“It was almost torn all the way in half, my leg was black all the way down to the heel in my foot. I didn’t even know if I could wrestle at Bound for Glory. They didn’t tell me till the day of the show at Bound for Glory that I was going to retain the title, and I was a little pissed off because I didn’t want to carry the title any longer because of my injury.

I wanted to rest up, and heal up, and come back in perfect form. Unfortunately, they decided against Bobby getting the title, which was kind of a downer for the pay per view, especially us being on last. It was a real flat finish”.

He then faced James Storm the next night and lost the TNA in 10 seconds to him. Storm just super kicked him and won after that. This made the situation even worse. “I think what the reason was and why they went against that was because they wanted Bobby Roode to have a moment, a World Championship moment,” Kurt Angle said.

“I think they felt that I couldn’t have the match I was expecting because of my injury. I think that’s why everything changed. Because of my injury, they felt that Bobby Roode wouldn’t have the moment that he deserved.

He would be able to earn it against James Storm later on down the line, and James Storm beat me the next day for 10 seconds with a Super Kick and that’s all I had to do in that match, which is the quickest match I’ve ever been in.

I think it might be the quickest match in the history of wrestling. I knew that Bobby Roode should’ve won the match at the pay per view, that’s how I felt”.