Johnny Impact Talks about his Wife Being a Champion

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Johnny Impact Talks about his Wife Being a Champion

Impact Wrestling is not as famous as it used to be. It is true that they had some of the wrestling industry’s best performers and minds. That was a long time ago! They had Sting, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan working for them.

Many famous WWE wrestlers also worked for Impact Wrestling before returning to the WWE. Now, Impact Wrestling has a few big names and they are struggling to survive! Johnny Impact is the current Impact World Champion and is married to Taya Valkyrie, who is the current Impact Knockouts Champion.

This makes them quite an interesting pair and one which is very unique. Impact spoke about this with Alicia Atout from AMBY's Interviews. We haven’t seen such a couple in the wrestling industry for a very long time.

Both of them are top Impact Wrestling talents. "I put this out on social media and I believe it is true, that we are the first newlyweds to hold the World Championship and our Women's Championship of a major promotion on television,” stated Impact.

“Pretty cool. I mean it's hard to answer that, I guess, without just saying it's awesome to have titles. I mean, you're tripping over titles or when making breakfast there are titles on the floor. There are titles on the couches and stuff. It's a high-class problem all these championship belts laying around."