Gail Kim talks about her new role

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Gail Kim talks about her new role

Former WWE Superstar and current Impact Wrestling producer Gail Kim spoke in an interview this week on "Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette" about her transition from WWE Divas to producer for Impact Wrestling. Gail Kim is a legend when it comes to female wrestling in TNA and is part of the TNA Hall of Fame, but her WWE career didn't follow the same route.

Kim had a lot of issues whilst she was in WWE, all of which came to an end when she eliminated herself from a women's battle royal on Raw back in 2011 and then left the company for good.

Gail Kim is a legend

On her new role on Impact Wrestling: "I always talk about the fact that Jeff Jarrett in 2007, when there was still no female wrestling in any kind of platform, gave us this opportunity.

Since then he has always believed in me and in my abilities. Once I became a leader in the locker room, the girls started coming to me and asking for my feedback on various things. Eventually, I knew I wanted to continue wrestling.

I loved making matches with other girls. I felt really good at that, so I asked Jeff that I wanted to be an Impact Wrestling producer and he said yes. The first time I played this role he was a PPV. It was fun, but you know you learn faster when you're more involved in things”.

On the women's division of Impact Wrestling: "Obviously I'm very involved because when I joined this company when there was no women's division. They drew me to this federation by saying that one day they wanted to create a women's division, but they didn't make it in time, but that was what they were trying to do.

So I said, 'Ok, that's great.' I waited and waited, like a year and a half. Everyone knows the story of this battle. I think some people don't know that I also tried to fire myself. It was very difficult for me to manage and watch all the guys do what they loved while I was waiting.

I knew my talent and what I wanted to do. Not promos or anything like that, but wrestling. I was like, 'I'm wasting my time. I don't know how long I can wait. 'When I tried to quit, then things started to change. A couple of months later, they brought in ten women and introduced a title.

I think the real key to success was hiring all those women. All of them were really passionate about wrestling and wanted to prove themselves at all costs. It was a constant: 'We have to be as good as men. We have to show that we can be on TV and do this like them.

' Now the women's division is really important for our company and it is one of the things that people most recognize."