Gail Kim Returns to The Ring!

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Gail Kim Returns to The Ring!

There are a number of highly talented female wrestlers that have been in the world of professional wrestling for quite some time. Unfortunately, some of them are close to retiring. While some have retired, some have made incredible comebacks.

Mickie James is an example of a female wrestler that did well after coming back from her retirement! On the most recent episode of Impact Wrestling, the veteran Gail Kim announced that she will return to the ring. Before joining Impact Wrestling, Gail Kim used to work for the WWE.

Although she didn’t stay at the top of the company for long, she did manage to attract an alright fan following. That helped her get popular in the wrestling industry. He only weakness was her inability to cut good promos.

She is also an Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer and stated that she wanted to return to wrestling in the past after watching Tessa Blanchard. She did just that this week! She confronted Tessa Blanchard in the ring, as they have a feud going on between them.

Gail Kim cost Blanchard her Knockouts Title at Homecoming and Kim came out to apologize. She then proceeded to attack Blanchard and stated that she resigned from her backstage role as Impact Wrestling Producer to become an active wrestler once again. If a match between these two will take place, it will definitely be a very interesting one!