Eddie Edwards on His Impact Wrestling Re-signing

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Eddie Edwards on His Impact Wrestling Re-signing
Eddie Edwards on His Impact Wrestling Re-signing (Provided by Wrestling World)

Although Impact Wrestling isn’t doing very good these days, they are still one of the most renowned wrestling promotions of the world. WWE is still making much more money than Impact Wrestling and Impact Wrestling’s TV Ratings are not that good these days.

There are still a few wrestlers who still want to stick with Impact Wrestling, even though other promotions might pay them better. This can be due to the rapport they have with the company and that may count for everything for some wrestlers.

Eddie Edwards has recently re-signed with Impact Wrestling to the delight of many of his fans. He re-signed to a long term deal which will keep him in the company for many years to come. According to Edwards the decision to re-sign wasn’t tough as he feels very comfortable with the company.

He spoke to this with Wrestling Inc. "It wasn't a tough decision for me," Edwards said. "This has been my home for the past five years. Between Anthem, our office, the wrestlers, the ring crew, production, everything – I feel comfortable and confident in this team.

I want to be one of the guys at the forefront of IMPACT Wrestling, trying to bring us forward to the next level." Impact Wrestling may recover from its recent bad spell if their best wrestlers continue to re-sign with them and help them deliver a good product.

Eddie Edwards