Doc Gallows Speaks About His Involvement in an NFT Project

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Doc Gallows Speaks About His Involvement in an NFT Project

Doc Gallows appeared with Rocky Romero on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk about his involvement in an NFT project. The NFT project will be an animated series called ‘The Gimmicks’. It will be an interactive NFT show and will be about the wrestling world.

Just like many industries in the world, wrestlers are also getting into NFTs. They are extremely trendy right now and can help generate tons of revenue.

Doc Gallows Tells How the NFTs will Work in the Project

“We met the Toonstar team, we actually met them through nZo.

Then Talk ‘n Shop started taking point on the project, and we started putting it all together. There were a lot of different outlets at first that they were looking to release this thing,” he revealed. “It ended up landing with… Rocky is a resident crypto/NFT expert.

But the way the world has moved, and the economy has moved, and everything has changed, this was like the best opportunity to make this thing out there and get it live”. Doc Gallows then spoke about why he thinks the current situation is positive for people.

He stated that the interactive elements are what will make them different, as the project is tied to the Mila Kunis’ production company. “The fact that there’s a new episode dropping every week, and every Friday it’s fan interactive,” he said.

“Where you can choose the career path, the next chapter so to speak. I think the interactive element is really cool. And having Mila Kunis onboard certainly does not hurt the cause for The Good Brothers and team Talk ‘n Shop”.

Rocky then started talking about the NFTs that will be in the project. They will be using an Eco-friendly blockchain. He revealed that they received criticism over this at one time. “I know we are getting some flack of people saying NFTs are not eco-friendly and stuff like that.

So, we chose a blockchain called Solana,” Doc Gallows revealed. “And that’s what this whole thing is built on. And that blockchain is extremely eco-friendly”. NFTs have taken over the world and many people are investing in them.

Almost anything can be converted into an NFT and they can be extremely valuable. Some rare NFTs can actually cost more than $50,000 and they are generally easy to create, and easy to celebrities to sell.