Bound for Glory: A legend has returned to Impact Wrestling

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Bound for Glory: A legend has returned to Impact Wrestling

How can we forget Little Guido/Nunzio and his work between ECW and WWE over the years? Almost impossible, especially for us Italians who are very close to him. In fact, in 2005, especially due to his Italian origins, WWE chose to make an important title change in a live event (cameras off ed) with Nunzio who won the former WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

A factor that occurred rarely with the last time in 2017 when Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles in Madison Square Garden to win the US Championship. Well, after a long series of engagements among the indies, this week Nunzio/Little Guido made his return to Impact Wrestling in the pre-Rebellion episode recorded in the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

After a verbal confrontation with the Major Players (Matt Cardona, Brian Mayers and Chelsea Green), Guido challenged Cardona in a match valid for the latter's Impact Digital Media Championship. Meeting in which obviously the champion defended the title and then attacked Guido and Mamaluke.

The two former ECWs were rescued by W. Morrisey (in a feud for several weeks with Myers) and the former Knockouts World, Tag and DM Champion, Jordynne Grace closing the segment with Morrisey capable of making the public cheer thanks to the chokeslam on the table against Cardona himself.

Huge return to Impact Wrestling

At the moment the names involved have no commitments for this Saturday's PPV, while the presence of Nunzio/Little Guido is none other than the classic one night only return of a legend of the past within the Extreme territory like Philadelphia.

The last time Nunzio appeared before the cameras of Impact Wrestling was in 2010 during the period of the return of the ECW legends and the birth of the PPV Hardcore Justice. This makes it appear that WWE was questioning whether they were going to mention IMPACT even on the day of the show since it was labeled with question marks.

However, those backstage at IMPACT who spoke with Sapp were under the belief that mentioning the Knockouts Championship was part of the deal between the two parties, but that has yet to be confirmed. Sapp has fueled those flames, stating he's heard that there have been pitches for "interesting and big outside names."

But at this time, it's unknown who these big outside names are or if they'll end up being used or not. While it's been a very long time, this wouldn't be the first time that WWE has worked with another wrestling company. They brought ECW stars to RAW several times in the late 1990s when Vince McMahon went to war with WCW on Monday nights.