When is Slammiversary XX taking place?

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When is Slammiversary XX taking place?

The well-known site Fightful has confirmed the rumors of the last few months. Impact Wrestling will hold the next edition of Slammiversary XX on Sunday 19th June live from Nashville to celebrate the company's 20 years in business.

The 19th is in fact the exact date on which the first Impact event, at the time TNA; went on the air. At that time, the company founded and run by Jeff Jarrett aired a series of weekly PPVs until it debuted on television speaking on FOX Sports.

The big leap took place in 2006 with the arrival of Spike TV, a channel that allowed the then TNA to reach large numbers of plays and grow in the product broadcast. In 2014, however, the aforementioned network chose to close with sports programming and shortly thereafter will change its name to Paramount Channel.

The internal problems of the company were known to all, many big names left and it was so that the product suffered a sharp decline in the media and sealed the passage on a decidedly inferior network such as Destination America.

The stay on the channel did not last more than a year, because from 2016 the landing on Pop TV took place, which although was the best move in the ratings, from the economic point of view wasn't that great.

Latest update on Slammiversary XX

IMPACT Wrestling has now revealed all five men will be getting a shot at Josh Alexander's X-Division Championship at Slammiversary XX on July 17 as the company brings back the Ultimate X match for the first time since 2019.

The new ownership, the new projects and the desire to raise the federation that became Canadian thanks to the Anthem Sports & Entertainment group, initially put the product in a phase of passage on Pursuit Channel (affiliated with Fight Network, owned by Anthem) thus being able to develop the social side thanks to broadcasts on Twitch and Impact Plus.

Television stability comes thanks to the landing on AXS TV that the ownership of Impact will acquire in large part. Then there is the possibility to follow everything live or deferred thanks to the subscription service on their YouTube channel.

From every point of view, Impact has seen all the colors and perhaps there will continue to be colorful stories like in many other realities. However, their anniversary is near and although we do not yet know the actual location of the event, we will wait tomorrow night to have confirmation of this announcement during the broadcast of Rebellion.

Rebellion can be found on the Fite TV website/application where you can buy the PPV and enjoy it live or whenever you prefer.