Billy Corgan had a big plan

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Billy Corgan had a big plan
Billy Corgan had a big plan (Provided by Wrestling World)

Billy Corgan is not only the leader of the famous rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, but he is also the President and owner of the National Wrestling Alliance, one of the oldest and most traditional wrestling federations in the world.

Before being all this, however, or before getting to acquire the NWA brand and tow it for 5 years now, Billy was a shareholder of Impact Wrestling, as well as its President when the Nashville company was still known by all as TNA.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling at that time (2016 ed) was in serious financial trouble and its previous owner, Dixie Carter, was trying to do what she could to sell to the best buyer, a list of people including not only Corgan but also Vince McMahon and his WWE.

In the end, it was the Anthem group that bought what would later become the Impact we know, through the figure of Ed Nordholm, who also had to repay Corgan for the investments made since Dixie promised the rocker the sale of the federation (which, as you may have deduced, it did not happen).

Precisely about all these circumstances, Billy Corgan expressed himself speaking in an interview about his real plans to restart the Impact project and how to bring it on stage under his new name.

Backstage News on Billy Corgan

According to Billy Corgan, his idea was to take full advantage of the Matt Hardy factor and the Broken Universe.

Matt would have won the TNA world title for the third time in his career and for the first time with this gimmick, to then record a segment in which he would have found himself in the Hardy Compound lake in which he would have dropped together with the belt, to then come out with a fully rebranded title.

A title that would no longer see any wording TNA, but Impact Wrestling and the consequent change of name of the federation now belonging to the Canadian group. In fact, in March 2017 the Anthem group hired Jeff Jarrett as General Manager, so as to restart a project to be renewed with the person who founded the federation.

The plan provided for the management figures of Impact to appear on the screen showing various videos to the public of the golden moments of the company, and then launch a motto very similar to that of Donald Trump during the 2016 elections, that is, "Make Impact Great Again".

To date, Impact has changed a lot, it has moved from Pop TV, the network in which it was active in 2016, to reach AXS TV, complete with the acquisition of a large part of the network itself. Channel that allowed the property to agree with NJPW and also broadcast their schedules every Thursday night, right after the normal airing of Impact.

Billy Corgan