Matt Cardona is the new symbol of the independent circuit

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Matt Cardona is the new symbol of the independent circuit

The National Wrestling Alliance is one of the longest-running wrestling companies in the world, relaunched in 2017 thanks to the acquisition of the brand by Billy Corgan. The president and owner of the federation has repeatedly tried to reinvent the product through the most classic of systems, focusing on vintage or rather, old school wrestling.

The first phase of lockdown caused by the world pandemic has clearly injured the product which only a year ago (in April 2021) was able to restart in all respects with its shows. If last year went down in history thanks to the PPV totally dedicated to women, 2022 will do the same with another type of event.

We are talking about the PPV Alwayz Ready, an event entirely prepared to commemorate the figure of Matt Cardona, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Such a factor has not been seen since the days of the WCW when the advent of the NWO, once it also saw the figure of Eric Bischoff within it, led the glorious World Championship Wrestling to generate an entire paid event in honor of the famous stable.

Matt Cardona is in great shape

Matt Cardona has been everywhere since his WWE release, taking part in matches for All Elite Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, Game Changer Wrestling, and many more.

Alwayz Ready will be staged on Saturday, June 11 at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, TN. According to the Smushing Pumpkins frontman during the press conference to present the event, the theme song of the show will have the Cardona theme song, many advertising promos will see the champion as the protagonist and the NWA logo itself will undergo a complete reinterpretation for one evening only.

In an interview made public by, Matt stated the following. “Has Ric Flair ever fought within a PPV dedicated to him? No. Has Harley Race ever done it? Obviously not. This is what happens when you are faced with real champions.

I am honored by all of this because I came to it on my own, so come in large numbers and don't miss a once in a lifetime event where I will be the one to lift NWA to a higher level." In the course of the past two years, Matt Cardona has evolved his character and changed the landscape of professional wrestling outside of WWE, and it doesn't appear that he's going to slow down anytime soon.