Shark Boy is back in the ring

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Shark Boy is back in the ring

The return of Shark Boy is certainly a much-appreciated element for the h*ttest Impact Wrestling fans. The comedy genre character has characterized the reactions of fans with different smiles in the early years of the transmission of the fu TNA when, at the time, it was aired on Saturday night on FOX Sports, even before the passage on Spike TV which made it the biggest fortunes in terms of ratings and popularity.

Just last week the iconic caricature of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin made his return with a backstage segment in which he was placed in front of Johnny Swinger's stable which also includes the presence of Zicky Dice and the rookie Jackson Stone.

Well, this stable faced the team made up of Shark Boy and two unusual allies such as W. Morrisey and Jordynne Grace in a match advertised as an online exclusive for subscribers to Impact Plus (the company's network) or Impact Ultimate Insiders (subscribers to the company's YouTube channel, available in two price ranges, the higher one allows viewing of monthly specials such as Under Siege).

Shark Boy is back

It is not the first time that W. Morrisey and Jordynne Grace are a couple in a tag team match, the previous one dates back to Rebellion when the two took over the elimination match valid for the couple titles and were mistakenly eliminated by the Major Players, only to take revenge by crashing on the table the manager of the Impact Digital Media Champion team, Matt Cardon and Brian Myers, aka Chelsea Green.

Returning to the return of Shark Boy, this is obviously a step taken for simple fun, or rather to recall memories to the hardcore fans of the company since on June 19, during the airing of the PPV Slammiversary, the federation will turn twenty years.

of activity right inside the Nashville Asylum, the same structure that allowed them to start under the management of Jeff Jarrett through the weekly PPV formula. Now TNA is known as Impact Wrestling and after being first in the hands of Jeff Jarrett, then in that of Dixie Carter, since 2017 it has been under the control of the Anthem Sports & Entertainment group, led by the figure of Ed Nordholm, a group in possession of Fight Network, other multimedia activities and a large part of the AXS TV channel which, since October 2019, has been broadcasting the weekly episodes of Impact every Thursday.