Backstage news on Tessa Blanchard's status

Tessa Blanchard made her IMPACT Wrestling debut on the Redemption pay-per-view

by Simone Brugnoli
Backstage news on Tessa Blanchard's status

After more than a year of inactivity due to being fired by IMPACT Wrestling due to her backstage behavior and the main accusations of racism by some colleagues, Tessa Blanchard is back on the scene through the Women of Wrestling, an all-female federation where AJ Lee also works.

Unfortunately, however, in the first days of May, it was reported that there would be some problems between Tessa herself and the management of WOW, with the wrestler who seems to have been removed, as happened on other occasions as mentioned above.

According to many rumors, Blanchard seems to have been close to both WWE and AEW several times in recent years, but her recent behavior has led both federations to move away from her name and find her a danger to work with.

New details on Tessa Blanchard

According to the latest updates reported by Fightful, Tessa Blanchard is not on the internal plans of the WOW and was not present at the recent tapings, which we know have also moved on from the social updates of the federation and AJ Lee.

In addition, it has been said that even if the problem between the two parties came out only a few weeks ago, the thing has been going on practically since January. It has been said that Blanchard would be angry that a January test project was canceled by CBS due to COVID, with David McLane having a finger pointed at him.

Blanchard believed they could have auditioned via Zoom or at an isolated school. A source said things really must have gone wrong between David McLane and Tessa Blanchard because he has been consistently on her side for years, even through multiple disputes.

Sources within the company also revealed that WOW was also able to bring back some people who swear they would never work with Blanchard again. Following the publication of the initial Fightful report, several people tried to suggest that there might be a legal recourse between the two parties and were concerned that they were potentially involved in it.

It was also revealed that AJ Lee was on recent tapings and worked as a commentator. After the tapings, a company-wide email came out informing staff that scheduled tapings in early June will be postponed due to a positive COVID test.

The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion is the step-daughter of Magnum and the daughter of the latter's old rival Tully Blanchard. She has competed in numerous promotions throughout her career, including WWE, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and Lucha Underground.

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