W. Morrissey says goodbye to IMPACT: Where will his future be?


W. Morrissey says goodbye to IMPACT: Where will his future be?

PWInsider's Mike Johnson said W. Morrissey has stepped away from IMPACT Wrestling. Morrissey will team up with PCO on the June 2 episode of IMPACT Wrestling tonight to face Moose and Steve Maclin. This meeting is W. Morrissey's last appearance for the company at this time.

The match was recorded on May 13th. These are the words of the journalist: “W. Morrisey, aka the former Big Cass in WWE, has left IMPACT Wrestling, PWInsider.com confirmed. (The latest) episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV, featuring PCO & Morrisey vs.

Moose & Steve Maclin will be his last appearance for the company. Morrisey arrived at IMPACT in April 2021 and had a redemptive run with great matches against Moose, Matt Cardona and more. Initially, he walked in as a heel who was just there for himself saying that after all he had endured, he realized he didn't need anyone's help and didn't want to pretend he liked someone in the locker room or in the audience.

Over time, Morrisey was transformed into a kickass babyface and did one of the best promos of his career on an episode of IMPACT on AXS from Philadelphia, the same place where he had a crisis while handling his personal problems, noting that the last time he was there, he was out of control and ended up in an ambulance hitting the low point of his life."

Where could W.

Morrissey go now?

Obviously, it is not yet known whether W. Morrissey will continue or not, but it is assumed that he can do so as he is proving to be a very good worker and the options between the various federations are very many.

We've recently seen him take on Wardlow on behalf of MJF in an episode of AEW Dynamite, but it also looks like WWE may be interested in bringing him back.