Mia Yim is not a fan of social media

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Mia Yim is not a fan of social media

This week on Busted Open Radio, Impact Wrestling's Mia Yim and Josh Alexander talked about their adventure in the federation and the social effect on them. On returning to Impact Wrestling, Mia Yim revealed: “It feels like a reunion honestly, because there are a lot of people I already knew like Tommy Dreamer and also Gail Kim.

Rosemary and many new people here at Impact that I had already met in the independent federations. They are people I haven't seen for three to four years, maybe eight or even nine. It was really nice to be surrounded by such familiar faces and positive feelings."

What's next for Mia Yim?

On the influence of her social networks on her: “Social media is garbage and has a lot of toxicity. After a lot of time at home, I was just trying to keep myself busy so as not to mess with my head.

Even if something, it always keeps bouncing off me. That's why I spent a lot of time there once my 90 days ran out in February. I was like, I'm going to take a month or two off just to focus on my life and manage things around the house so I can try and decide what to do next.

I loved wrestling, I just didn't know if I had the energy to keep going. I felt like I had been knocked down and didn't know if I had the strength to get up. But talking to Gail about Impact, I was convinced. I trust her very much for her advice on my career and if I had to go back, I would do it again."

On old TNA wrestling, Josh Alexander revealed: “My relationship with the pro wrestling they do at Impact is extraordinary. The first time I followed the federation from the couch was on a Wednesday night, June 19, 2002, which was my first pay-per-view.

I remember exactly what I ate for dinner that day and what I was doing before it started. The first match I saw was Low Ki, AJ Styles and Jeremy Lynn against the Flying Elvises and they just blew me away. I thought pro wrestling was something completely different.

I've always been a fan of them but they really revolutionized the business we see today, particularly in those early years at Impact Wrestling." However, after making a lackluster debut under the new name 'Reckoning' as part of the stable 'Retribution', Mia Yim could never find her feet on the main roster and was eventually released. Along with many other released talents from November 4th, Yim is now a free agent and can wrestle for other promotions.