Mickie James Talks About a GCW Star

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Mickie James Talks About a GCW Star

Mickie James is a legendary female wrestler and she spoke about a GCW Star. The GCW Star she mentioned is Allie Katch. She spoke with Ella Jay who works for SEScoops. Mickie made a name for herself in the WWE. Even though her last run in the WWE wasn’t received well by fans, she is still considered one of the best female wrestlers of all time.

Mickie James Praises Allie Katch and Wishes to Wrestle Her Again

James actually managed to win the match at Spring Break 6. According to James, Katch is extremely over at GCW. Katch currently is one-half of the GCW Tag Team Champions.

Her partner is Effy. They won the championship since September. “I really, really like Allie Katch, and I think that she’s really presented herself and found her niche and her home there, which is GCW,” said James.

“But also she was over, she was super over there and it wasn’t just because obviously it was her hometown too, and it was cool for me to go into that environment because that was not my world and they were very open.

I think that the crowd was really h*t and excited, but they were very split in the match because they wanted Allie to win. “It was great, and she’s fantastic”. Mickie is a former Knockouts Champion and she wishes to fight Katch again.

She also stated Katch wrestles her butt off. Katch was trained at George De La Isla’s America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling Training School in Austin, Texas. She made her professional wrestling debut in 2011. “I would hope to wrestle her again.

And I can’t wait to see what more she does and can do, you know, in the world of wrestling, because she’s really unique and she’s fun and she’s exciting and she’s badass and she can wrestle her butt off.

So it’s cool to see”. Recently, Katch managed to beat LuFisto. The match took place at GCW I Never Liked You. And on Saturday, she teamed up with Effy at the GCW You Wouldn’t Understand event. They defeated The Mane Event, a team that consists of Jay Lyon and Midas Black.

Mickie James returned to Impact Wrestling after she left the WWE. She quickly rose to the top of the promotion again and held the Knockouts Title for a significant amount of time shortly after her return.