Disco Inferno calls out intergender wrestling bouts as 'cultural issue'

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Disco Inferno calls out intergender wrestling bouts as 'cultural issue'

In February 2019, Disco Inferno made some really uncalled for remarks about women's pro wrestling. Now, over a month later, appearing in an episode of WINCLY podcast, the 51-year-old stated that his words were twisted in order to fuel the controversy by the media.

He, however, said that men's bouts – the main events, so to speak – continued to remain thusly because they were the biggest attractions as compared to the women's bouts. "The girls are killing it and that's why they're taking these spots from the guys.

That's why they're the main event of the card. But the actual matches themselves... A Finn Balor/Seth Rollins match will look better than the Ronda/Becky/Charlotte match," Inferno emphasised. He also added that the fights needed to be traditionally rooted, as in men against the men, and women against the women.

"This is a cultural issue these days - there's a lot of things, these news stories where biological males compete with biological females at events in high school and stuff like that. To me, you can't do that."

While Inferno may have not taken any names, in particular, a question remains if he was subtly taking a potshot at the upcoming 'United We Stand' event, which will be held on 4th April, in New Jersey. The event will feature a one-on-one bout between Tessa Blanchard and Joey Ryan.

Earlier, the promotion's star Santino Marella had also criticised the event and said that the event would lead the women to believe that they could take on the men, leading to some disastrous consequences for them. Photo Source: Twitter