When will Samoa Joe be back?

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When will Samoa Joe be back?
When will Samoa Joe be back?

Impact Wrestling held its famous pay-per-view Slammiversary this Sunday evening to celebrate the 20-year history of the federation founded on June 19, 2002, by Jerry Jarrett and his son Jeff Jarrett. During the PPV, several past wrestlers of the historic company were part of the show, some physically and others through videos that were shown in the titantron.

Samoa Joe is one of the best wrestlers of this generation who has wrestled worldwide and won titles everywhere he's been. He has a unique look, elevated by his exceptional in-ring and mic work.

Backstage news on Samoa Joe

On Sunday evening, however, a name was missing, among them certainly Samoa Joe.

The former TNA star later explained on Twitter why he hadn't appeared. The reason was simply due to the fact that he was never asked to be present at the PPV and furthermore he added that even if he had been asked, he would not have given his willingness to do so anyway.

His words on the official Twitter profile of the current ROH World Television Championship champion: “Dear screaming chickens. I was never asked for anything for Sunday, nor could I be available. However, all this should not ruin a great milestone reached by Impact.

Happy anniversary and I wish everyone involved the best." Past names that appeared during the video show include AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Sting. Former TNA President Dixie Carter also appeared with a short speech to introduce Davey Richards as the mysterious Impact Original.

There were many surprises, even James Mitchell was seen accompanying Slash to the ring for the Reverse Battle Royal. Shark Boy, Chase Stevens and David Young were present in the match. Bob Ryder was honored by Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Scott Hudson was also present giving a backstage interview. Chris Harris and James Storm had a segment with the Good Brothers and the Briscoes. A video honoring commentators Mike Tenay and Don West also aired. The Impact Originals challenged Honor No More.

Finally, former WWE Christy Hemme made several presentations inside the ring. If Joe or Suzuki chopped a regular human being, that poor person would probably end up in the hospital. However, Joe and Suzuki aren't ordinary people and proceeded to beat the bone marrow out of each other for the ROH TV title.

If that wasn't enough, after the match was over, Joe got attacked by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and the debuting Satnam Singh.

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