Women of Wrestling returns in September

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Women of Wrestling returns in September

Entertainment Tonight shared the first trailer for WOW (Women of Wrestling). The article specified that this project, which we remember being all-female, will be officially relaunched in September 2022 on all CBS-affiliated networks.

"Introducing women in wrestling has long been very important to me, and now we present the epitome in sports entertainment that will highlight the athletics of these superstars as we reintroduce WOW. Our partnership with the entire ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group family allows us to continue our mission to provide wrestling and WOW Superheroes fans what they all deserve: a global platform for a dedicated women's wrestling league, ”said the owner of the league and WOW executive producer Jeanie Buss in October.

The Women of Wrestling project goes on

The announcement of the return of this promotion was made in October 2021 and it was initially said that there would be several prominent figures, such as AJ Lee, now known as AJ Mendez, and also the wrestler Tessa Blanchard.

Unfortunately, however, in the first days of May this year, it was reported that there would be some problems between Tessa herself and the management of WOW, with the wrestler who seems to have been removed, as happened on other occasions as mentioned above.

According to journalist Brad Shepard, Women of Wrestling, also abbreviated WOW, has released Tessa Blanchard permanently. Here is how the Ringside News reported: “Some sources have told Shepard that Blanchard is returning to Texas due to the proverbial bridge with the company that was burned.

Blanchard was initially suspended from the company after clashing with AJ Lee. It was also reported that Blanchard used bad words while training against other talents. After the talents spoke to the owner of the WOW Buss, an investigation took place which led to Blanchard's suspension."

New reports coming out of Fightful Select, suggest that WWE had an interest in bringing in the former American Football star before he resigned with IMPACT. According to reports, WWE's former Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Ceman had reached out to Moose to join WWE before he was offered more money by IMPACT Vice President Scott D'Amore.

IMPACT Wrestling is all set to host its next big event, which will be streamed exclusively on IMPACT Plus on Saturday, May 7th. "I feel like yes. I feel like personally there is certainly a lot of trust in me that if I have an idea or if there's something specific that I vocalize that I think is going to be great, it's certainly listened to and utilized and trusted as a valuable opinion whereas there's so many moving parts at WWE but there would be a lot of times when if I would speak up or if I would say something that I didn't think was going to work or that would be not good for us as an image or not good whatever, and it would, I would say not get ignored because there are certainly people there that love and respect my opinion and appreciate the fact that I am always honest," Mickie James said.