Disco Inferno says he was 'creative enough' to come up with gimmicks

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Disco Inferno says he was 'creative enough' to come up with gimmicks

Disco Inferno is an unforgettable figure in the world of professional wrestling and especially in Impact Wrestling. The 51-year-old, speaking in a recent episode on WINCLY, opened up on the inspiration behind the gimmicks featuring his ring name, which was later abbreviated to 'Disquo.'

Inferno, whose real name is Glenn Gilbertti, said that he initially borrowed style and ideas of Honky Tonk Man's gimmicks that he later adapted on his own. Inferno also said that he always knew that he would never need to take material from any other wrestler because he had the potential and creative bent to come up – and build – his own style and repertoire along the way.

Inferno said, "The only thing I ever copied is when I came up with the Disco Inferno gimmick, I was going to do the type and style that Honky Tonk Man did, and I basically took a different gimmick and worked that same type of way, but I've never felt like I'm going to copy anything else that anybody does.

Because I feel like I'm creative enough to do my thing." While it may seem to be bragging if anyone else were to say this, given how much of a reputation Inferno has built in all these years of assuming the Disco Inferno persona – which was based on a character appearing in Saturday Night Fever – this statement sounds like a recollection of contentment.