Michael Elgin was arrested

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Michael Elgin was arrested

In the last few hours, reports have been circulating about the arrest of former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin in Japan for stealing containers containing protein powder. Cassidy Haynes of BodySlam.net shared some interesting details about the incident: “I can confirm that Michael Elgin’s absence in recent weeks was due to the arrest of the person concerned last weekend in Japan for theft.

Some of my sources confirm that Elgin was arrested for stealing protein powder and that he will certainly remain in prison for what he did. Rumors are circulating about the possible length of detention, i.e. up to a maximum of 5 years in prison, unless a potential agreement is found, similar to the one agreed by Matt Sydal in 2016, where the charges were dropped but they took away from the possibility of a return to Japan again."

Michael Elgin was arrested in Japan

Michael Elgin, through the social network Twitter, has denied everything that has circulated about him in the last hours: “I don't bother to tell what happened but I will do it anyway.

I have not been accused of stealing protein powders. I haven't been accused of anything. I have not been arrested. I have not been deported. I will go to Canada to be with my family after the disappearance of an extremely important family member close to us.

I fully understand that people never want to believe anything other than what they would like to be true. I will not argue with anyone for this reason. But I'm on my scheduled flight home, and what's more, I'm first class.

It doesn't seem like deportation at all." Already in the summer of 2021, the news circulated about his possible arrest for domestic violence. He was denounced directly by his ex-girlfriend for physical and psychological abuse and he was also imposed a restraining order against her, which he did not respect.

Even then, Elgin managed to defend himself with a certain vehemence. Also, there would be no arrests on the St. Clair County and Belleville Police website. Recently, Elgin talked about his career: "I know that my focus of the majority of my life was to become a pro wrestler and that it was kind of the end-all-be-all for me.

As I said I don't know if I ever articulated it to myself at that point. Hey you know you're going to make it and you're going to make a living at this, and you're going to be in big promotions and anything like that."

But it was definitely my main focal point. So I think subconsciously I was definitely confident that I was going to succeed at wrestling."