What is Nick Aldis doing?

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What is Nick Aldis doing?

The story between Billy Corgan, Nick Aldis and the NWA continues and there are exciting new updates on the subject thanks to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer. Apparently, as already reported in recent days on our site, the discussion between Corgan and Aldis seems to have started as part of a storyline and then received further developments that seem to have brought about inconsistencies between the two even in real life.

Logically we still do not know if this statement of the well-known site corresponds to the truth or not, but the situation is certainly confusing given the change made in the NWA/4 main event in which the reigning world champion Trevor Murdoch will be called to defend the belt against current NWA World TV Champion, Tyrus because of the dispute between COrgan and the two-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

What's next for Nick Aldis?

Nick Aldis said that the reason why he was not in WWE was that there was a very 'successful person' there in the company who didn't want to have anything to do with him. With Joe we focused precisely on NWZ 74 and therefore on the future of the federation in which, at least as he himself confirmed to us, it seems that people like Aldis have and will continue to have a fundamental role and be an all too important glue for the whole group.

At the same time, Galli also spoke to us about the role of Billy Corgan and how, although he is not always present and very often leaves complete creative freedom to his team, one can always breathe his presence and his leadership provided for five years.

within the National Wrestling Alliance project. A project that Corgan himself defined old school, but with the possibility of making the brand return to the top in a maximum of twenty-five years. If it will be so it is definitely difficult to say also because of the new realities that have come out over time, such as All Elite Wrestling, or the explosion of other small realities on American soil (see Game Changer Wrestling).

Many aspects, many causes within a story that seems to never end and where only the next great PPV of the federation will be able to provide us with the much desired answers. So stay tuned on our website and with all the upcoming NWA events.