Matt Cardona's wedding ends badly

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Matt Cardona's wedding ends badly
Matt Cardona's wedding ends badly (Provided by Wrestling World)

A Sunday absolutely to forget for Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. The two had decided to renew their wedding vows during the second day of GCW Homecoming, an event staged yesterday, but the wedding turned out to be a disaster.

The "Deathmatch King" Nick FN Cage took care of it all. A heated rivalry that began in 2021, also during the summer period, is renewed, when Matt Cardona defeated Nick Cage in a Deathmatch, becoming the new GCW World Champion, hated by the fans of the Company.

Cage hit former Zack Ryder with a spinebuster and then used his infamous "pizza cutter", causing him to bleed profusely. Even his father was not spared, being hit with a neon tube in the face. Certainly, Matt Cardona, who showed up yesterday with a suit inspired by the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage, will want to take revenge for what happened.

Nick Cage attacks Matt Cardona

Over the weekend Nick Cage also challenged Jon Moxley, current GCW World Champion, to a Deathmatch with very high stakes: if he loses, his career will be over forever. Despite the shoulder injury, Matt Cardona will fight at NWA 74, but his opponent has not yet been decided.

After being fired from WWE in 2020, Matt quickly became the king of independents, touring the world, winning numerous titles and also appearing on Impact and AEW. Despite everything, he hasn't ruled out his potential return to WWE as Zack Ryder although he'd love to come back with his real name.

Speaking to Bleacher Report's Graham Matthews, Matt replied: "I wouldn't mind being back as Zack Ryder. I love my Always Ready music. It would basically be me, just with the old name of Zack Ryder. No more 'Oh Radio', none of those things, even though Downstait did the hardest version." Recently, Matt Cardona sent Vince McMahon a heartfelt message after he announced his retirement on Twitter.

"At 77, time for me to retire. Thank you, WWE Universe. Then. Now. Forever. Together. #WWE #thankful". The former WWE Superstar was costumed as the former CEO in the photo and wrote: "Thanks for everything @VinceMcMahon. Enjoy retirement.

I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to wrestle in Madison Square Garden again or never wanted to wrestle in a big stadium for a WrestleMania. But I’m also not saying that I’m doing everything I’m doing now thinking: ‘What can I do to get back to WWE?’, or ‘What can I do to go to AEW?’ I don’t give a sh--."

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