Tenille Dashwood's future is uncertain

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Tenille Dashwood's future is uncertain
Tenille Dashwood's future is uncertain (Provided by Wrestling World)

Tenille Dashwood, a former WWE Emma, ​​has managed to become one of the top wrestlers for IMPACT Wrestling's women's division in recent years, also winning the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships with Madison Rayne.

As we know Madison currently, although she appeared on IMPACT's latest pre-recorded episode, she is busy coaching the women's division of All Elite Wrestling and has also attempted unsuccessfully to snatch Jade Cargill's belt.

All this obviously led her to separate from Tenille who was left alone, she may have decided to abandon ship. In fact, she has currently been shown on the official IMPACT roster page, but neither side, she nor the company, have made any statements about it, despite not showing up in the company since July.

Since her last appearance for IMPACT, the Australian has made a few appearances in World Series Wrestling. There, she lost a WSW Women's Championship match to Taya Valkyrie. Dashwood has two WSW wins against fellow IMPACT colleagues Chelsea Green and Shazza McKenzie.

But be careful, because even if you don't have details about her future with IMPACT, on social media, especially Instagram, you can see that she continues to be booked elsewhere. She has two UK appearances in early September with WrestleFest.

Has Tenille Dashwood said goodbye to IMPACT?

Obviously, after what happened, fans started speculating about a possible return of Tenille Dashwood to WWE, as she had great matches when she was at NXT under the creative control of Triple H, but there is also the possibility of seeing her in AEW.

where she once fought in the first Women's Casino Battle Royale. Even though her career future is uncertain, we know that in her personal life side of her life, everything is fine, as she's in a relationship with WWE's Madcap Moss and the two seem happy together.

Tenille Dashwood, formerly known as Emma, has opened up about her life after WWE: “There’s different mindsets, isn’t there? Some people can leave WWE and it’s hard for them to find their footing,” said Dashwood.

“For me, I guess in ways I had already prepared myself for that day because I knew inevitably I wouldn’t work for WWE eventually, and when that time comes, am I going to pick up everything I have and move back home to Australia and start again? No, that’s not what I want.

So I did what I could to get ready by starting a business on the side and investing in things like setting up my travel and lifestyle so I could continue all the things that I loved and enjoyed”.