The Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. Joey Ryan

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The Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. Joey Ryan

Tessa Blanchard wrestled Joey Ryan at the United We Stand event. Here is how the match played out: The match started by Ryan asking Blanchard if Blanchard wants to touch “it”. Blanchard flips him off by giving him the middle finger salute.

Blanchard that attempt to wrist lock Ryan but the move gets reversed. After breaking the reversal, Blanchard shouts, “What the Hell?!” Blanchard grips Ryan’s chest hair and uses that to send him across the ring.

She starts hitting him with forearms and finishes the sequence with a code breaker. She covers him for a count of 2. Ryan targets Blanchard’s arm! He uses the steel guardrail to wrap her arm and inflict punishment. He covers Blanchard for a count of 2.

After recovering, Blanchard hits the hurricanrana and then hits a dropkick. The dropkick sent Ryan out of the ring and onto the floor. Blanchard then perform a suicide dive on Ryan to send him flying back further. Blanchard then rolls him back in the ring and takes position on the top rope to his the cannonball senton.

She manages to get a two count after the cover. Ryan recovers and starts working on her arm again. Blanchard manages to hit 2 tornado DDT’s for a two count. Ryan then pulls a lollipop out of pants, but Blanchard rolls him for a 2 count.

Ryan then forces the lollipop in her mouth and superkicks her. He got the two count. Blanchard then fails to hit a tornado DDT. She is placed on the top rope and Ryan tries to hit a superplex, but fails and get knocked off the rope. Blanchard then hits the Magnum and get the 3 count.