Jacob Fatu: "Don’t switch up for nobody because people are gonna.."

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Jacob Fatu: "Don’t switch up for nobody because people are gonna.."

Mlw star Jacob Fatu is showing more and more quality. From the moment he arrived on the wrestling scene, Fatu showed ambition and readiness to be at the very top. Speaking to Wrestlezone, Fatu talked about his new 'role' in MLW.

He shows his 'real self' and that's what makes him happy, “You know, man, that’s just me being me. If anybody knows me in the business, they know I’ve always been the same. One thing man, you really try to play that character outside, in real life, it’s really going to get you beat up for real.

It’s just being myself, man. That’s it, man. Don’t switch up for nobody because people are gonna love you for who you are”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Jacob Fatu on his character

He has a special character and a special way of presenting himself as a fighter.

Every time he enters, Fatu gives his best and is a great entertainer. Sometimes it is necessary to switch off his character, however, he is ready to do anything for the company that has given him a lot. “You see Jacob Fatu off-camera being myself, doing me, but man there’s always a light switch though, right before I walk out there.

It’s not just that’s how it’s booked or that’s the gimmick or that’s what we need. No, f**k that. This is 100%, this is what they get, and this is all they gonna get, 110%, especially when I’m walking out there.

It’s not just the work, it’s not a gimmick. This is my family, my children, my wife, my legacy, the Samoan Dynasty, everything that I got to hold on my back just to get through and keep that name without riding off of my family members. They gonna get that p+, Jacob Fatu, coming from the gutter, man”. - he concluded.