Top Impact Star Quitting Promotion

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Top Impact Star Quitting Promotion

With the rise of the indie circuit, many popular wrestling superstars now have more options. Previously, a wrestler could only be paid well if he/she worked for the WWE. The WWE can pay its best wrestlers really well as the promotion makes millions of dollars every year.

Most famous wrestlers quit the promotion that they work at because they feel like they are being mishandled. Some former WWE superstars stated that they were not happy with the way the WWE was treating them and their character.

The WWE is not the only promotion that suffers from this problem. Impact Wrestling isn’t doing all that well these days, and many of its wrestlers may quit in the near future as the company is simply going downhill. Now, the most famous wrestlers of the world also have All Elite Wrestling that they can join.

So it makes sense for some current Impact Wrestling wrestlers to quit the promotion. Eli Drake is a strong looking, and tough wrestler who is very popular amongst the Impact Wrestling fans. Eli Drake stated in the past that he might quit Impact Wrestling.

It appears as though he has gone through with the decision. On the The Wrestling Pespective Podcast, he stated that his contract is going to expire on May 31st. "I know AEW is out there, all of that stuff, so, the fact is, there's a lot of options at this point," Drake explained.

"This is a time where, truth be told, I run up on May 31 at Impact, so, if that's the case, it's time to start thinking about what options I have, things like that."