Eddie Kingston is in trouble

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Eddie Kingston is in trouble

Unfortunately for Eddie Kingston, the wrestler will have to miss a NJPW show because he tested positive for COVID. Kingston was supposed to team up with Wheeler Yuta and Homicide on upcoming NJPW Strong Autumn Action tapings to take on Jay White and The Good Brothers.

Posting on Twitter, the star has now revealed that he will lose the tapings, but will try to do what he can to be available for the next AEW tapings on September 14: "So here we are, I took the covid and I will not be able to be at Strong this weekend.

It fucking sucks. I'll do a test again to see if I can get on TV this week." Kingston was back in action at AEW at All Out only on September 4 following a suspension for his part in an altercation with Sammy Guevara.

It was Dave Meltzer who reported the news. To give a hand to the statements of the well-known journalist, Fightful thought about it, according to which a real brawl was touched. Sammy Guevara allegedly made disparaging comments against Kingston's physique, irritating the latter and causing him to raise his hands.

Here you find Guevara's point of view.

Eddie Kingston doesn't give up

In an interview dating back to January 2022, the wrestler talked about mental health, saying: "I fight every day to improve my mental health and I'm really open on this issue because I don't care about anyone else.

Only God can judge me, so I don't care what all other people say. We have lost some people because we have erred in our behavior. I have lost many friends to drug abuse because they were not comfortable with themselves. A couple of my friends committed suicide because they thought they were alone.

We have never reported our problems to a booker or promoter. We never confided in him. We showed up there with a broken ankle because we were afraid of losing our job. Now I feel very good as we have a team that supports us."

WWE wanted to hire Eddie Kingston to train the next generation of WWE Superstars, but he's not done being a wrestler yet. "I didn't want to collect the paycheck I didn't earn, you know what I mean? Because I knew if I was there, and I had that resentment of 'I know I have ten more good years, I know I'm better than what -- they're not giving me a chance, let me go','" Eddie Kingston said. "I'm not knocking these guys, I know people are going to hear it and be like."