Chris Bey extends contract with IMPACT; Explains the reasons

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Chris Bey extends contract with IMPACT; Explains the reasons
Chris Bey extends contract with IMPACT; Explains the reasons

Impact Wrestling star Chris Bey spoke about his decision to stay with Impact for the Vegas Bad Boyz of Podcasting show. He never questioned his stay; “I had a great time the last couple of years with IMPACT Wrestling.

I’m having a great time and for me, re-signing was a no-brainer because one, there’s never been a locker room I’ve been in that felt more like a family and two, I owe it to the kid inside who was on YouTube unboxing the IMPACT World Championship at 14 years old.

I remember that day like it was yesterday,” Bey said, as quoted by

Chris Bey and his motivation

Bey has big ambitions and is ready to do anything to become a champion. His motivation and desire are an example for other wrestlers to be like him.

We will see if he can really win the title, but with this mentality he is not far from great success. “I owe it to that kid to become the world champion or at least strive to face Josh Alexander or strive to face whoever may be world champion when my time comes on a big platform, on a big, marquee match.

I had an opportunity two years ago against Rich Swann and I love that opportunity, I love that moment, it’s one of my greatest accomplishments but if I can change anything about that night, it was the result. I should have walked out as world champion, I should’ve worked harder to get the world championship and I’m gonna work harder and put myself through unimaginable pain and sacrifice in order to get that championship because I know that the harder I work, that doesn’t mean that the result will just come to me but the harder I work, the more prepared I’ll be for when that opportunity comes”.