Tessa Blanchard on Her Success and Valkyrie

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Tessa Blanchard on Her Success and Valkyrie

Tessa Blanchard is one of the most popular female wrestlers outside of the WWE. She works for Women of Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. She is the daughter of Tully Blanchard who was one of the members of the Four Horseman. She is currently feuding with Gail Kim and Taya Valkyrie.

She spoke about Taya Valkyrie in a Q and A session before the G1 Supercard. "She wouldn't be [champion] if it wasn't because of Gail Kim. Taya has never beaten me in a fair fight one-on-one. Taya has always needed a stipulation or a special guest referee or something that puts the odds in her favor," stated Blanchard.

"Because I am a top athlete and one of the best, if not the best professional wrestler in Impact Wrestling, I feel like they have stacked the odds against me a little bit in Taya's favor. So, maybe Madison Square Garden's the place I take that title back."

She is also one of the only Impact Wrestling Superstars that got famous quickly after joining Impact Wrestling. Many female wrestlers try to replicate her success. "I've gone places where they've told me what I need to do, what I need to say, who I need to be, what moves I need to perform," said Blanchard.

"And at Impact I get to just be me. I have creative control to be me and do what I want. To show people this is what Tessa Blanchard's about and if you don't like it, tough sh**."