Matt Cardona Speaks About The Last Match Musical

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Matt Cardona Speaks About The Last Match Musical

Matt Cardona is a former WWE wrestler, who is still quite popular in the professional wrestling industry. He spoke about The Last Match musical. He will be a part of that musical. He recently spoke about it on the Notsam Wrestling podcast.

Matt Cardona Speaks About Being a Major Part of the Musical

Matt will be playing the role of Alexander Swagger. It will be a supporting character. However, he did not know that he entire musical would revolved around his character.

He apparently did not read the script before he accepted the role. The musical is about a professional wrestler’s last wrestling match. It is all about the drama that is associated with a professional wrestler’s last match.

"When I accepted the role, I just read up to my part and then, 'Oh, okay, that's it,' but I didn't realize I'm the main dude," Cardona said with a laugh. "I'm in the entire thing, which it's something I'm not used to because, okay, like in wrestling, you get ready for your match, match is over, you can relax.

Not here. You got to go do your next scene, and your next scene, and your next scene – and then holy s***, the finish of the show is a match!" Matt stated that he did not know “how hard and how stressful” rehearsals were.

According to him, the easiest part of the musical was actually the wrestling. "I got the match down in a second," he said. "But the dialogue — it's not just a bunch of different promos, it's dialogue back-and-forth."

Matt revealed that he received a lot of help from his castmates. They made him feel comfortable and confident with the script. The Last Match was premiered at White Eagle Hall of Jersey City, N.J. The 2nd performance will be held on the 14th of November.

"I'm excited," Cardona said. "I knew that there was a plan for this to keep going, but I didn't know what the exact plan was; I still don't, to be honest, but I know I'm attached to it. As far as that goes, I'm along for the ride."

Matt Cardona was actually known as Zack Ryder in the WWE, and was involved in some important WWE storylines, including a love triangle storyline involving John Cena. He was pushed for a while by the WWE, but he was never able to reach the same level of fame that John Cena had at the peek of his WWE career.