Ace Austin: That’s definitely not something I ever saw coming

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Ace Austin: That’s definitely not something I ever saw coming

Ace Austin talked to METRO UK about various topics. He couldn't help but mention the wrestling stars, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Austin has enormous respect for them and all that they have accomplished. “The casual WWE fans that see The O.C., I don’t think they realize how far back that goes, how deep that history is, how far it reaches out into the world.

I think a combined match like that would be the perfect way to bring us all up, to bring us all up to the level where, hey, these aren’t just guys that are in a smaller place doing things that don’t matter. These are guys that are on the same level that are totally carrying the business in a different part”.

- he said, as quoted by Although both are part of the WWE, Austin does not rule out the possibility of being in the ring with them. “Nothing’s impossible! It’s all a matter of, how can business be done in the best way possible? If there’s opportunity for money to be made and business to be done well, people are gonna typically go for it.

That’s the beauty of wrestling”.

Bullet Club

Bullet Club is a really great story, and Anderson commented on his decision. “That’s definitely not something I ever saw coming. I’ve always been really particular about my unique personality.

I’ve always wanted a special, unique side of things to show. I saw the impact that [Bullet Club] had on the industry, and I always thought to myself, how can I have an impact like that on the industry? So, just riding that line all these years, seeing how big it got.

Then I thought – it just never occurred to me that was something I would get close to being a part of. I was like, if I wanna know how to have that impact, what better way to learn than right from the inside? When they asked me that question, I was totally blown away by it.

It just didn’t feel like where I was headed, but the fact of the matter is, they recruit the best of the best. The only way in is to really be one of the top guys, so it was a validation, that’s for sure”.