Moose on Carter and Transition from NFL

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Moose on Carter and Transition from NFL

Moose is currently signed with Impact Wrestling and it is now owned by Anthem Sports & Entertainment. In fact, Anthem Sports & Entertainment took over Impact Wrestling almost 2 years ago. Impact Wrestling is going through a very rough patch these days.

Moose joined Impact Wrestling in 2016. He knows about the era of Dixie Carter! He talked about Carter during a Q and A Session before United We Stand. Carter is still a minority share-holder. "I feel like the company is run more professionally compared to when I was here," Moose told Wrestling Inc.

"Nothing against Dixie, she's an awesome lady. But I felt that she 'lost the company a little bit' and people were doing whatever they wanted”. "Now there is more accountability between the staff and the boys.

I feel like it's only going to get better from now on." He also spoke about his transition from NFL to professional wrestling. He said it was easy for him as he always wanted to be a professional wrestler. Moose was with the NFL for more than seven years and only after leaving NFL, he gave professional wrestling a try.

"It was pretty easy. I've learned in 34 years of living that if you have a passion to do something, the transition…it goes pretty smoothly and becomes really easy," stated Moose. "My transition was smoother than expected because I really have a passion for this."