Matt Cardona launches a nice game

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Matt Cardona launches a nice game

With the explosion of the world pandemic also in the United States, in April 2020 the WWE made several cuts on its rosters, releasing athletes and some of the most important professionals of the federation. Among the wrestlers released by the Stamford company we also noticed big surprises, from Bulgarian Rusev to WWE legend Kurt Angle to Zack Ryder, also passing through numerous referees, office employees and road agents.

Ryder, even in the case of him quite surprisingly, was released by the federation after 13 years of collaboration. Despite the dismissal, Zack Ryder certainly did not belong to those who were destroyed by the release, but rather he seemed to have taken the decision of the McMahon family company more than well and indeed in the hours following his release, he had aroused curiosity.

one of his messages posted on Twitter where he said verbatim: "I love being fired". After being fired by WWE, Ryder has returned to be called by his real name, Matt Cardona, with the athlete who has walked a little bit all the rings outside the WWE, such as IMPACT Wrestling, the AEW, the PWG and many other independent federations.

Matt Cardona promises a thousand dollars

In his latest interview with Inside The Ropes, the former WWE athlete wanted to launch an important challenge to his fans, trying to understand if there is anyone on the face of the earth, including his friends, relatives and fans, who can list every single match he has played in a pro-wrestling ring.

In his speech, Matt Cardona stated: "1500? I don't have any kind of regret because you can't live in the past, but surely my number one regret in pro-wrestling is not keeping a notebook with every match played and where it has been.

How easy could it be? There would be no way to do it. I'm going to say this now, if any fans are listening now, if you can, and there's no proof that it's 100% accurate, but if they can list every single match I've ever played and speak of live events, indies and whatever else.

I will give them $ 1000 through Paypal, friends and family, if they can. I think there would be some inaccuracies, but I would like to see people trying. I will give 1000 $ via Paypal, friends and family so there will be no exclusions, to anyone who can do this job." Cardona added that once he was free from WWE's shackles, he could go out there and show the world everything he had to offer.

"The 'woo, woo, woo,' the headband, the sunglasses, it's dead. And I was trying to get away from that while I was Zack Ryder in WWE, but you can't write the show. So if I'm trying to be more serious, but you are booked to be not so serious, it is what it is. That's why when I was let go, I was like, 'Oh, my god.' "