Rohit Raju has made his return

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Rohit Raju has made his return

According to what has been leaked from recent TV tapings, Rohit Raju appears to have made his return to Impact Wrestling. After being trained in Canada within Scott D'Amore's federation, the athlete landed on the Impact rings between 2018 and 2019 where he held the X-Division title for only once in his career.

The belt, won in 2020, was immediately the main element chased by the athlete who then lost it to TJP now under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Well, in the second half of 2022, just after losing and dismissing his feud with TJP, Rohit left the Canadian group to join All Elite Wrestling.

During his time under the aegis of Tony Khan, the former member of the Rohit Squad never went beyond the appearances he had in that of Dark and Dark Elevation. A sign that the large grafts had over time have penalized stars to grow just like him or other former Impact (see for example Jake Something).

Rohit Raju has made his return to Impact

Rohit Raju then made his comeback fighting last weekend's tapings following the Over Drive special, where the federation recorded the content for the episodes to air on Thursday 1 and Thursday 8 December.

On Saturday, November 19 in Old Forester's Paristown Hall in Louisville, Kentuky, Rohit along with Shera defeated the team of former Ring of Honor Delirious and NJPW young lion Yuy Uemura in a Dark match, which is presumed to be broadcast within a new episode of BTI (Before The Impact) broadcast that precedes the weekly episodes of Impact on AXS TV.

We will see if this return will be a simple one-off appearance, or if it will be a return to the origins and therefore a useful addition to the Impact Wrestling roster managed by its Executive Vice President, Scott D'Amore.

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