Rohit Raju: "I won’t crap on anybody, but you’re not gonna grow if.."

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Rohit Raju: "I won’t crap on anybody, but you’re not gonna grow if.."

Rohit Raju is a man who loves wrestling and has shown it countless times. In an interview with Fightful, he talked about his love for wrestling, but sometimes things are not so great. “I just love being me out there—whether it’s in the ring, whether it’s accompanying one of my boys to the ring, whether it’s being on the microphone—yes, I would love to do commentary, managing.

I can’t get away from professional wrestling. I love it so much. It can be bittersweet at times. Sometimes I hate it. Steve Austin said something one time, and I’m just paraphrasing, he said, ‘You can be having the worst day ever, once that glass breaks and then he walks down the aisle, everything else disappears.’ I’ve had some of the worst crap happen in 2022, but man, when I’m in the ring; it’s the best place to be.

So whether I’m in the ring, outside the ring, commentary booth, sign me up. I just want to entertain”. - Raju said, as quoted by

Rohit Raju and his advices

Rohit Raju knows wrestling well and his feedbacks have helped many.

Raju talked about the advice he gives to wrestlers. This is not a problem for him. “Yeah, I love it. Some people will walk up to me like, ‘Hey, what’d you think?’ and I’ll tell them flat out, ‘This is this, this is that.’ I won’t crap on anybody, but you’re not gonna grow if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I don’t ever want to go to somebody and say, ‘Hey, what’d you think of my match?’ ‘Oh, yeah, man. It was great.’ No. There was something. There’s things. So I always ask people I know are gonna pick it apart because I want to be the best that I can be.

So I watch. It’s weird. There’s guys that I don’t know or just met walk up to you and go, ‘Hey, can you watch my match?’ ‘Yeah, sure.’ Why not? So it’s cool that they respect you enough and want to know your opinion of their match.

So I love it. I love wrestling. I love picking it apart. But I also love watching people and help people grow and seeing them become even better than what they were a year ago. I love seeing that”.