Brian Cage on Preferring to Wrestle Cruiserweights

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Brian Cage on Preferring to Wrestle Cruiserweights

Brian Cage is one of the strongest looking Impact Wrestling wrestlers. He took part in impact Wrestling United We Stand in an eight man tag match. His team was defeated by Team Lucha Underground. United We Stand was a very important event for all indie promotions that were involved in it.

Some famous former WWE wrestlers also competed at that event. The high flying Rob Van Dam was part of the event as well and is now part of Impact Wrestling. Brian Cage held a Q and A session before United We Stand. During the session, he talked about him having the ability to wrestle with people of all shapes and sizes.

"I prefer to wrestle the X-Division guys because when I started, I wasn't this size and I wrestled the style as I built my size," stated Cage. "That's why I'm able to do stuff that most guys who look like me can't do.

I love working with larger guys that are as athletic and as mobile as me. "I would have loved to have a program for the title with Willie Mack. It would have been awesome to see this era's 'AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels.'

" Cage also talked about how he could not capture the Impact World Titles even though he got two title shots. "It's been a long time coming. I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record wanting the rematch," said Cage.

"I feel like I should be the champion….It's time to cash in and have his ass [Johnny Impact] drop me that Impact World Championship."