Eric Bischoff On Why He Went to TNA


Eric Bischoff On Why He Went to TNA

Eric Bischoff is one of the most famous wrestling personalities in the world, and he recently spoke about why he went to TNA. Eric Bischoff is known for being the man who nearly beat the WWE, while he was in charge of the WCW.

While at TNA, Eric Bischoff was basically spearheading the company, but he wasn’t able to come close to even beating the WWE, as ratings for TNA never even came close to the WWE. However, TNA was a good alternative for people who didn’t like the product that the WWE provided, at that time.

TNA is now known as Impact Wrestling, but they are a shell of their former selves, as most of their best stars are no longer working for the company.

Eric Bischoff Reveals Hulk Hogan Was The Reason Why He Joined TNA

Eric revealed that he didn’t like the company's ideas while he was working for them, and he also didn’t like TNA in general.

"I didn't hate it, I just didn't buy into the logic and psychology of it," Bischoff clarified, to which Thompson asked him why would he take a job from a company that he didn't believe in. "I didn't know I didn't believe in the company, I just knew the product I saw on television was not appealing to me.

There's nothing wrong with that, Conrad, it doesn't make me a negative person, I just didn't like it," he said. "I would hear about TNA and I'd hear about the IMPACT Zone and I'd check it out and to me, it looked like 'World Wide Wrestling' from the Disney/MGM Studios with a lot of talent I didn't know and that's not a criticism, that was my impression of it and because that was my impression of it, I didn't watch it on a regular basis." According to Eric, he actually didn’t want to work for TNA.

The only reason why he joined was that his friend, Hulk Hogan, wanted someone on his side that he could trust. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, used to work together in WCW, and that is the reason why Hulk Hogan actually wanted Bischoff there.

Many people actually believe that Hulk Hogan’s backstage politics were the reason why TNA actually failed, and most of their best stars left. "I only got hired because they wanted Hulk Hogan and Hulk Hogan didn't want to go to TNA unless I was there to oversee his stories or his character," Eric Bischoff said. "I also hoped that I could have some influence on a product that I felt needed to improve."

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