Eric Bischoff Speaks About TNA’s 6 sided Ring

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Eric Bischoff Speaks About TNA’s 6 sided Ring

Eric Bischoff recently spoke about the very unique six-sided ring that TNA used for a considerable amount of time, back when they had famous WWE stars working for them. The six-sided ring was a cause of concern for many talents, however, it did result in slightly unique matches and it was at one time something that made TNA very unique.

During various interviews, many talents stated that they disliked the 6 sided ring, whereas, others actually liked the concept and liked performing in that ring.

Eric Bischoff Talks About Not Being a Fan Of Certain Things in TNA

These days, TNA is called Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling uses a 4 sided ring now, just like many other promotions in the US do. AAA in Mexico actually uses a 6 sided ring, but they are one of the only promotions that still make use of that kind of ring. There are many fans who actually want to see the return of the 6 sided ring, but Eric Bischoff revealed he was never a fan of that idea.

He also told what was the reason why the ring stopped being used. "It was more me than Hulk," Bischoff said while on his podcast. "I hated it ... The reason I heard [the six-sided ring began], and this just inspired me, even more, to make that six-sided ring vaporize was that 'Yeah, but, if someone is clicking through the channels, they're going to see that ring and go, 'Maybe I'll stop here and watch”.

What is that? ... I couldn't buy into that, and maybe I was wrong. But, in my head, in my heart, in my gut, I went, 'That's silly.' " Eric Bischoff then went on the speak about the X-Division, which to this day many don’t know what it really stood for.

It was heavily featured during the hay day of the company. However, the X-Division was not about weight limits and instead was a division that represented wrestlers that had no limits. The wrestlers in the division actually made use of risky and high-flying moves, which only very athletic and gifted athletes could perform.

The X-Division was praised over the years, but Eric was not a fan of that, as nothing differentiated it. "There was no differentiation, there was no weight limit ... there was no positioning of the X-Division other than the only rule is that there are no rules, which by the way, was the same situation as almost every other match in TNA."