NJPW celebrates big success

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NJPW celebrates big success

NJPW started this 2023 with an excellent result regarding its biggest event of the year, namely Wrestle Kingdom. In fact, for its seventeenth edition, it sold a lot of tickets and had really not bad plays, which is connected to the interest in some card matches, but specifically to the debut of the former Sasha Banks in WWE, as colleagues from Forbes: “Wrestle Kingdom sold 26,085 tickets on Wednesday, making it the highest-attended event for a non-WWE live event in three years.

Moné was never officially announced for the card, so these ticket sales were likely driven by the return of Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada chasing his seventh world title win. But the online interest in Wrestle Kingdom was unprecedented.

Wrestle Kingdom 17 was Google's 11th most searched topic on January 4th. No other Wrestle Kingdom had ever broken the Top 20, with or without Kenny Omega. Perhaps the most telling statistic supporting interest in Banks is that Wrestle Kingdom 17 attracted 92,409 new users.

30% of these viewers connected to the English feed. Not only was it the show with the most new users in NJPW history, it was also the most watched event in the history of the subscription service. […] Moné’s impact continues to be felt with Battle in the Valley selling nearly 400 tickets following the announcement of the match that will see Moné and KAIRI battle it out for the IWGP Women’s World Championship”.

NJPW surprised everyone

Speaking on his “The Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T had a little critique of Mercedes Moné in regards to her NJPW debut: “She looked good…nothing bad or something, but just one thing, the crowd, man.

It's hard to deal with the Japanese audience because he was quiet, he was quiet. You know they don't understand what you're saying [laughs]. I don't mean the language barrier. That part sucks. They just want to see some action. If only he had known a few words in Japanese, if only he had studied in Japanese what he meant.

Say the first part in English, but only the outline in Japanese”. Becky Lynch is not as good as Sasha Banks from an in-ring perspective, according to WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (fka Bubba Ray Dudley). "Neither do I," Bully Ray said, agreeing that he does not put Lynch on Banks' level.

"And this is what makes me laugh whenever I hear people on social media say, 'Oh, Bully doesn't like Sasha.' Are you people out of your freaking mind? In my eyes, Sasha was only behind Charlotte, and considerably better than Becky in the ring."