Gail Kim talks about her issues with WWE

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Gail Kim talks about her issues with WWE

Gail Kim began her wrestling career on the Canadian-American independent circuit, before joining WWE in 2002. She became the first WWE Diva in history to win a championship in her debut match. After being released by WWE in 2004, Kim joined TNA in September 2005.

There, she joined the tag team America's Most Wanted as their valet. In a long interview with Chris Van Vliet, Kim spoke about her issues with WWE: “Right now I believe that Impact Wrestling’s creative is better than WWE and I’m not lying, I truly believe that.

It’s not just because I work for them, all I hear from the general fan base is how badly the creative is right now in WWE and how they’re not really enjoying the show and I get the opposite response from people who watch Impact.

If you watch both shows and you have an opinion, then that’s your opinion. But if you’re not going to watch one show and then you’ll have an opinion, to me it’s like ok, you have to give them both a chance”.

At Impact Wrestling Homecoming, after she attacked Kim multiple times, Blanchard lost the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship to Valkyrie after Kim used her finishing move Eat Defeat on Tessa Blanchard. In March 2019, Gail Kim announced that she would be coming out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard at Impact Wrestling Rebellion.