Gursinder Singh Requests Release

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Gursinder Singh Requests Release

Impact Wrestling is losing most of its best wrestlers these days. Gursinder Singh, who is part of the Desi Hit Squad recently asked to be released from Impact Wrestling. He announced it on his Twitter account and thanked a few of his friends and colleagues that helped him in his career.

He is one of the most recognized Impact Wrestling wrestlers of the world. Below is his full Twitter post: "I can finally announce that I requested my release from Impact Wrestling. A lot of people may not have chose to do this if they were in my position because I'm in a comfortable spot, but I have a mindset of never settling and always focusing on working towards my future.

"I would like to thank Scott D'Amore for believe in me and for noticing me at the Impact tryout I did just before I signed in 2017. Also like to thank Ed Nordholm, Don Callis, Gama Singh, Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, Tommy Dreamer and everyone else that helped me during my time there.

"It's time to work harder than I ever have before and to continue to evolve as I reach towards the next step. Keep an eye out because nothing is going to stand in my way until I get to where I belong." Impact Wrestling has been through a lot of problems recently. They have lost a lot of their viewers ever since moving to a different TV channel, Pursuit.