Tessa Blanchard is having a difficult time

Tessa Blanchard made her IMPACT Wrestling debut on the Redemption pay-per-view

by Simone Brugnoli
Tessa Blanchard is having a difficult time

Tessa Blanchard and wrestler Daga, real name Miguel Olivo, announced on social media, after getting married in August 2020, that their relationship has come to an end and that the two have mutually decided to divorce. Tessa Blanchard and Daga have insisted that they are parting ways as friends and want the best for each other in the future, and ask fans to respect their privacy at this difficult time.

In recent days there had also been various speculations on the fact that Tessa Blanchard herself had cheated on her husband after he had shared, and then deleted, a screen on social networks with the word "betrayal" also associated with the concept of something disgusting and disrespectful.

In the text photo the two shared together on Instagram to announce their split, captioned: "After considerable thought, reflection and mixed emotions, we have decided to part ways. We are two strong, hardworking and resilient people." who feel nothing but love for each other.

As painful as divorce is, we are thankful that no infidelity or other interests were involved in our decision, and we are parting as friends. We both want to see each other have success and reach the pinnacle of success in our business and in life.

We want to thank you all in advance for your support as we navigate the next chapter of our lives, and ask that you respect our privacy and keep us in your prayers. Miguel and Tessa”.

Tessa Blanchard is in trouble

It was recently announced that Tessa Blanchard split up with her husband and fellow wrestler Daga.

Regardless of what people's opinion of the two may be, Tessa Blanchard continues to be discussed with different "scandals" or different negative events inside and outside the ring. Obviously, if the two no longer felt like being together, that's right and we wish them the best for their future.

Tessa Blanchard has opened up about her life outside of the wrestling business over the last few months. "I kinda do that on purpose [stay out of the public eye]. I like to keep some things for me, some things for my family. So, right now I'm in school, which is like my main focus, at UTSA, University of Texas at San Antonio… Texas girl.

So, that's like my main focus right now. I try to do one to two of these wrestling get-togethers or matches a month, honestly not too much more than that at the moment."

Tessa Blanchard