Kevin Matthews on Status with Impact

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Kevin Matthews on Status with Impact

Although Impact Wrestling is one of the most popular promotions of the world, they are still miles behind the WWE. They simply do not make enough money and they can’t beat the WWE in TV ratings. Also, most of the top wrestles of the world now work for the WWE and there is a huge shortage of talented wrestlers in the market.

Kevin Matthews is known as KM and he was recently moved to the Alumni section of the Impact Wrestling website. KM stated on his Twitter account that his knees are badly messed up and he wants to focus on his health. "My body is so beat up and my knees are completely shot.

It wasn't fun for me anymore. I enjoy what we have WrestlePro. I'm more than good with that at this stage in my life. We'll see what the future holds." He then talked about his status with Impact Wrestling. He stated that he did not resign with the company and that he is paid solely on “Pay per appearance”.

So he is not paid if he does not work for the company. "Untrue. Impact had me booked of their last set of tapings in Canada. I pulled off. My body is shot. There's nothing left in my left knee. It's done. Each taping it's worse.

We worked together last weekend. The contract were pay per appearance, it wasn't exclusive. It didn't matter."