Josh Alexander on the biggest IMPACT Wrestling star: She helps everybody

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Josh Alexander on the biggest IMPACT Wrestling star: She helps everybody

Josh Alexander is a man who impressed many with his qualities in IMPACT Wrestling. He was part of the #FITE IN FOCUS digital feature where he talked about Mickie James. Alexander believes that James is currently number 1 in the company.

Her qualities are something special. “For me, personally, the impact I see is she’s [Mickie James] a superstar through and through, she’s a professional through and through. She has never — you won’t find anybody that has a crossword to say about her… She’s probably the biggest star we have in our company.

It’s arguable maybe but to me, that’s the way it is and she has never once been above anybody in that locker room”. - Alexander said, as quoted by

Josh Alexander: “She changes with everybody else, she helps everybody"

In addition to being a great wrestler, she is a great person and advisor.

With her advice, she tries to help wrestlers, especially those who have just started to build a career. It is for these reasons that James has earned the respect of everyone within IMPACT Wrestling. She is an example of how a wrestler should behave and the way she brings positivity is really great.

“She changes with everybody else, she helps everybody, anybody that needs an ear, she’s always there to offer advice and try to coach people along which is a daunting task while you’re also performing and trying to do all this stuff at a high level but she embraces that and I think it’s done nothing but elevate our entire women’s division and a lot of the men’s division as well because I know I’ve gone to Mickie for advice from time to time as well”.

Alexander himself asked her for advice many times. Many have helped him to be successful in what he does.