Eric Bischoff Speaks About His TNA Run


Eric Bischoff Speaks About His TNA Run

Eric Bischoff is the former WCW Boss and he recently spoke about his TNA run. Many people still blame Bischoff for the decline of WCW and eventually selling it to Vince McMahon, for next to nothing, according to many people.

Now, WWE owns all the intellectual properties that WCW had at one time. Many WCW wrestlers also joined WWE, after the company went out of business.

Eric Bischoff Implies That He Didn't Like His TNA Run

One other company that Eric worked for was TNA.

Many people also blamed him for the downfall of TNA. On his podcast, someone asked him whether he would ever have another go running TNA again. "Of course not," Bischoff said. "That's like saying, 'I know you were crossing the street, you were looking right, you forgot to look left and you got hit by that bus, but if you had to do that all over again would you do the same thing?' No, hell no!

Why would I do that?" Bischoff is also fully aware that people blame him for the decline of TNA. TNA is now known as Impact Wrestling, and they at one time had a lot of former WWE employees working for them. In fact, they were the only alternative wrestling fans have, if they did not want to watch WWE.

According to Bischoff, he is trying to become a better person every single day. He also mentioned jokingly that he didn’t even have enough authority to order Chinese food for the staff. "Look, I try to be a better person every day," Eric Bischoff said.

"I focus on being grateful. I try to be more like my wife and my son, and I say that jokingly, but it's actually true. I really try to be, but I'm not there yet." Although Bischoff had a huge role behind the scenes, he was an authority figure on the screen.

He was actually a heel authority figure. He last appeared for TNA in 2012. It was during the Lockdown PPV event, where he was part of a Lethal Lockdown match. However, the match had an interesting stipulation. He won the match, his son Garett would be forced to leave the company.

However, if Bischoff lost, he would be fired. That was the storyline that actually led to Eric leaving TNA. Since then, he has appeared for WWE and also a few times for AEW.

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